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Information for Parents and Guardians

Find out how you can support your child or young person through an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way for young people to gain practical skills and valuable work experience while earning an income and receiving a nationally recognized level of training. 

As a parent, you play a vital role in supporting and guiding your young person through this journey.  

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships offer the opportunity for learners to gain a nationally recognized level of training. The training that an apprentice receives will be practical, employment-related and includes on and off the job aspects.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Hands-On Learning 

Apprenticeships offer practical, hands-on experience, allowing the young person to develop valuable skills that are relevant to their chosen career. 

Paid to Train

Unlike traditional education, apprenticeships provide payment from day one. This can help your young person become financially independent and avoid large amounts of student loan debt. 

Industry Connections

Apprenticeships involve working closely with experienced professionals. This allows your child to build a network of contacts within their chosen industry. 


Upon completing an apprenticeship, your child will receive a recognized qualification, which can enhance their career prospects. 

What is an Apprenticeship?


Encourage your child to research various apprenticeship programmes and industries to find the right fit for their future. 

Application Process

Assist your child in preparing a strong CV and cover letter and provide guidance during interviews and application submissions.  

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