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Adult Learning Tips

29 November 2023
EKC Training staff give their tips on how to make the most out of adult learning opportunities.

If you are thinking of starting adult learning, you may not know what to expect or whether it will be for you. Here are tips from EKC Training staff to help you make the most out of these opportunities:

Kurtis Watson, Lecturer, EKC Training Dover Centre:

There is always something for you

We never close the doors to anyone at EKC Training and we will guide anyone to what they want to progress onto. We work with students to find the right course that will enable them to go into the industry that they want. We also remove barriers for learners so they have all got the opportunity to learn. Courses offered are available face-to-face and online to be as flexible as possible.

Make the most of our support

We have a range of students who are all 19+ so we accommodate all learning to the individual students’ needs. A range of pastoral care is offered to make sure that not only are students getting the most out of the course but also that they are fully set up for their next steps. When working with students it is the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference.

Set yourself SMART Targets

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Setting yourself targets with these parameters will guide you along your journey as you learn and develop. We work with you to help you learn about SMART targets so that you can progress successfully and meet your own goals.

Returning to education is a step forward

All of our lecturers have life experience from various roles such as prison officers and they can help you expand your potential. We see a lot of staff from the NHS in our courses and they come to us to upskill so that they can progress in their careers. Education as an adult learner is a great way of benefiting your future.

Keep exploring your options

We offer new courses all the time with many being vocational as well as our sector-based qualifications such as Business Administration. If students do a sector-based course we always test their English and Maths skills to make sure they are fully equipped for the world of industry.

Unlike courses for 16-18 students we are able to progress adult learners from an English Entry 3 qualification to a Level 2 (which is equivalent to GCSE) in just 12 weeks. They can also progress from Maths Entry 3 to Level 2 in only 16 weeks. 

By exploring your options, you will not only learn your course but also life skills by building your confidence and getting back into a routine. 

Gail Hatfield, Lecturer, EKC Training Folkestone Centre:

It’s never too late to start learning

It is never too late to progress and get back into education. The first step to start learning is applying and once you have conquered that step it is very easy to start your educational journey. Everyone here is friendly and passionate about your learning and we can tailor our courses to your needs.

Believe in yourself

Some of our courses have an assessment at the start so that we can see where you are at with your skills and what Level is right for you. In terms of English and Maths, the starting point is never where you end up so don’t be disappointed if you don’t start out at the Level you were hoping for. Each person will be brought up to a Level 2 standard in English and Maths, so keep working hard and ensure that you try your best as you will succeed.

Open yourself to new possibilities

You may have put off learning as an adult as you may believe it’s like school, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at EKC Training, we are a very laid-back and welcoming environment and it is not like mainstream education. When studying here you will never feel pressured and our team are here to support you in any way that we can. Our classes are smaller and have a range of people with different backgrounds, nationalities and ages.

Work with others where you can

As you do an adult learning course, you will be surrounded by others who are in similar situations and are working towards similar goals. Be willing to work with them as teamwork is a skill for not just education but for employment and for the future. Ask for help when you need it as they may be able to help you and give advice from their experiences.

Ready to start your next step and learn as an adult?

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