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Apprentice Spotlight: Honey Neve

28 February 2024
Honey started her journey within EKC Training’s Apprenticeship Recruitment team, through a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship.

Honey started her journey within EKC Training’s Apprenticeship Recruitment team, through a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship.

She has made such a significant impact that she is now progressing to new roles in the Student Services team at EKC Sheppey College. Thanks to the power of apprenticeships, Honey is even looking towards starting a Level 6 qualification once she has finished the Level 3.

Read below the profound impact that apprenticeships have had on her career, as she shares her transformative journey.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

“I didn’t really like studying A Levels when I was at Sixth Form. I was achieving good grades but three months into my studies I realised that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I was very talkative during class which would get me into a lot of trouble, and my energy was seen as a weakness rather than a strength.

I was sitting on the train to Sixth Form one day when I heard some girls talk about apprenticeships and what they enjoyed about them. I had heard about apprenticeships before, so I thought now was the time to do my research and see what was out there. I looked online and this position with EKC Training came up, so I went for it and applied.

My energy is really appreciated with the team as for this front-facing role I needed great communication skills, which have helped me along my journey.”

What do you enjoy In your apprenticeship?

“I love being able to meet new people, whether that be employers or apprentices. As I have firsthand experience of what an apprenticeship is really like, I can explain to them of how it has benefited me. I’ve really got stuck into the work on my apprenticeship and I’ve learnt so many skills.”

What advice do you have for someone looking for an apprenticeship?

“I’d say everyone should consider it. It’s a great option and will really help people like me who didn’t feel that school was for them. It will give people a great chance and a clear opportunity to build their career.

If you feel like you aren’t appreciated in school, you will be on an apprenticeship. Every quirk you have will help you go further and there is an apprenticeship out there that is right for you.”

What are the main benefits of an apprenticeship?

“I’d say the main benefit is that you get paid whilst you work towards a qualification, which isn’t an option at school. I also really enjoy the work that I do and being part of the team.

I hear stories about people at university graduating and not being hired as they have no practical experience, so I’m glad I’ve been able to gain this during my studies. With East Kent Colleges Group being such a large organisation, it provides a clear base for me to move into any area. Tomorrow I could say I want to go into student experience or estates, and I could have the chance to move into these jobs through the support of the Group.”

What key skills have you learnt in your role?

“When I first started, I didn’t know how to organise myself at all. I have now learnt how to do so, and I have realised the importance of sticking to the details and being on top of everything. Organisation is so much more important than you would think.”

What is your new role that you are progressing into?

“My new role is a split role. Some days at EKC Sheppey College I will be an Industry Liaison Officer, who works with employers to help build connections in the College and gain work experience for students. On other days I will be part of the Student Services team helping students to look at their future careers. The jobs in Sheppey are closer to where I live and through my training apprenticeship, I have the skills required, as well as prior experience of working successfully in the organisation. “

What are you looking forward to about the new opportunity?

“I am really looking forward to making connections with staff, students, and employers across the island. My favorite part of the apprenticeship has been having those face-to-face interactions, so I’d love to do it even more.”

How did EKC Training support you in your progression journey?

“The team were so excited to hear that I got the job. Thanks to their support they helped me ensure that I was fully prepared and confident before the interview. I knew what to focus on personally, what not to do and what to say about the transferrable skills I have gained.

In addition to this, they have also helped me reduce the length of my apprenticeship, meaning I will gain a qualification in just one year. I am also looking to move onto a Level 6 Apprenticeship in Information, Advice and Guidance afterwards, which EKC Training are fully behind and I will be qualified with the Level 6 by the age of 19.“

Honey’s story is just one of many that show the transformative power of apprenticeships. Through her apprenticeship, she has not only had a unique learning experience, but one which has opened doors for future progression. Through the practical benefits and ongoing support, apprenticeships are a valuable pathway for those seeking a fulfilling educational journey.