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Five benefits of Social Action

18 March 2024
During their studies, we encourage Apprentices to get involved with local community projects. Here are just five benefits to taking part.

Here are the top five reasons why we think community work is so important:

1. It brings people together and encourages teamwork

Social action is most effective when groups of people work together towards a common goal. This is an important skill that can build confidence and be carried throughout education into the workplace.

Student working with teacher on a plumbing assignment

2. Making a difference is good for you

Achieving goals set as a team within the community can improve your physical and mental health, evoking optimism and joy. It’s also said to reduce stress as you are able to focus on someone and something else.

3. It strengthens your community

Social action includes a range of different activities such as improving schools, the environment and working with local charities. This helps you build a relationship with the local community as you set goals together, investing in its places and people.

4. You can put your skills to good use

The activity you choose can relate to your course, giving you the chance to put what you have learned into action. This will allow you to explore your interests and to recognise skills. If you are trying something completely new, you might discover hidden talents.

5. It helps you develop your sense of awareness

It is important to be able to understand different social situations. Working within the community will help you build confidence, improve your social skills and increase your ability to interact.

We encourage all of our apprentices to get involved in meaningful social action during Community Weeks. 

Together, we can help our local communities by volunteering throughout East Kent.