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Behaviours and Attitudes of an Apprentice: Ryan

27 October 2023
Ryan is an Apprentice Business Administrator with EKC Group, and is completing a Business Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship.

Ryan is an Apprentice Business Administrator with EKC Group, completing a Business Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship.

He tells us about the behaviours and attitudes learnt in his Apprenticeship so far.

What are you enjoying about your Apprenticeship?

“Everything, all of it. The team is really great and the support I get on the course is amazing. It has been interesting to learn about the company itself and how it is structured, and get that insight into where I work.”

How do you think your Apprenticeship is preparing you for the workplace?

“It is teaching me real work and life skills, such as working with different types of people like apprentices, colleagues and employers.

I have learnt many transferrable skills that I can take with me anywhere. I barely knew how to write an email before, but I have worked on my weaknesses, focusing especially on Excel skills myself and think I have greatly improved my IT skills.

I have also been offered various self-development courses, in areas such as time management, organisational skills and stress management.”

What behaviours and attitudes have you learnt in the workplace? E.g. punctuality, communication

“I now know communicating effectively with colleagues and transparency with management is very important. I have also learnt great organisational skills, which has continued to help me into my personal life. How to handle a range of business situations, as the situations arise.”

What skills have you learnt to help you work with others?

“How to speak with all kinds of people, like changing your approach to communication and your formality. I have learnt it is important to be patient with people, as well as completing inclusivity and diversity training and ensuring I uphold high standards of respect for all people.”

What are your plans for the future?

“When I have finished my Apprenticeship, I would like to continue and progress within the company. But, I know I will be equipped with the skills and support to go elsewhere if I decide to.”